Lloydetta often makes the comment  “While a lot of you grew up Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic etc. I was being raised at the Moose Lodge.”  Her dad was the governor, mom was the bartender and her sisters were the waitresses.  As you can imagine with that kind of environment she just followed the “family tradition” so to speak.  At a very early age she began experimenting with alcohol, drugs & everything that goes along with it. 

At the age of seventeen with a heart full of anger, confusion and rebellion she left home determined to have a better life. Thirteen years later she realized she had become the very thing she had tried to escape.  In her hopeless state she began to cry out to God not really even knowing if He  was  real or if He would accept someone like her.  He manifested Himself to her in some very tangible ways but because she had no teaching or understanding it took her a while to recognize He was trying to get her attention.  Finally, in May of 1996, after several supernatural interruptions she was no longer able to resist the wooing of the Holy Ghost and realized that God MUST be real. 

On that glorious day alone in her living room she “gave in” to that presence she couldn’t seem to escape from. She fell on her knees and surrendered all to Jesus.  She called and He came.

After getting saved she began attending a small church in her home town of Martinsville, IN.  Lloydetta was almost immediately thrust into ministry, still not even realizing what it meant to be “called” to ministry.

Within two years she was teaching at the church on a regular basis, taking teams out to minister door to door, holding singles meetings, and helping the pastors with all aspects of the helps ministry.  In the summer of 1999 Lloydetta began sensing a stirring in her heart to move to Tulsa and attend Rhema Bible Training College.  She obeyed that leading and in August of 1999 moved to Tulsa. 

Immediately God began opening doors and by April of 2000 she was working for Rhema Bible Church under the leadership of Pastor Kenneth Hagin.  From April of 2000 through March of 2004 Lloydetta was an employee of Rhema Bible Church.  She spent the first two and one half years working in the Rhema Bookstore as the Supervisor of the volunteer staff.  During her last year and a half she worked at the Prayer & Healing Center. While there she had the privilege of teaching in Healing School as well as leading several prayer groups. 

Lloydetta was also on the Prison Ministry Team with Rhema Bible Church form 2000-2005.  Since graduating from Bible School in 2003 Lloydetta has been ministering in Churches, holding Ladies Meetings, Ministering at Women’s Aglow Meetings, serving in her home church and going wherever The Lord opens the door.   

The US is the #1 destination for Child Sex Trafficking in the world.  

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