What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery. It is defined as the loss of freedom to another’s control by force, fraud or coercion. It is commercial exploitation. It is also the worlds fastest growing criminal enterprise. It is the second most profitable criminal business – passed illegal arms dealing in 2009.

There are over 30 Million Slaves in the world

80 % are women
Half are children
184 Countries are involved in this…America is one of them.
3 Million children are sold each year.

United States

Two Categories:
Foreign Nationals: Legal & undocumented. Victims can be brought here unwillingly or willingly smuggled here illegally and then forced or sold into trafficking.
Domestic: U.S. born citizens. Victims include women and children from all  walks of life. Most were trafficked as minors… most were recruited… most were part of a vulnerable people group: runaways, low income, children of abusive parents or drug addicted parents or single parent homes.  Some are vulnerable to recruiters simply because they feel neglected.
America… “Land of the Free”
14.5 to 17,000 brought here each year
Up to 100,000 exploited within US boarders
90% of trafficking victims are female 
100,00 to 300,000 children sexually exploited annually
Child reported missing every 30 sec. / 1.5 to 2.4 million each year / plus an estimated 500,000 not reported.
USA #1 destination for child sex Trafficking

What is Sex-Trafficking?   

Sex trafficking occurs when people are forced or coerced into the commercial sex trade against their will.  Child sex trafficking includes any child involved in commercial sex.  Sex traffickers frequently target vulnerable people with histories of abuse and then use violence, threats, lies, false promises, debt bondage, or other forms of control and manipulation to keep victims involved in the sex industry.  Sex trafficking exists within the broader commercial sex trade, often at much larger rates than most people realize or understand.  Sex trafficking has been found in a wide variety of venues of the overall sex industry, including residential brothels, hostess clubs, on line escort services, brothels disguised as massage parlors, strip clubs, the porn industry and street prostitution. 

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Help Lines
National Trafficking Line:
(888) 3737-8888
Text - 233-733

Oklahoma Runaway Hotline:
(800) 448-4663

National Runaway Hotline:
(800) RUNAWAY (786-2929)

Cyber TipLine:
(800) 843-5678